I was riding the bus yesterday and the man next to me asked me, ” Will you make it?”. After giving him a confused look, he pointed to the chapter of the book I was reading … “How to Retire at 45”.

I said .. “No”, unless I win the lotto (and unless I buy a ticket).

I was reading Timothy Stobbs’ Free at 45 book. I may not be able to retire at 45 or even 50 but hopefully I can do it before I reach 60.

I need to recompute my Net Worth as most of the personal finance bloggers do not include RESP contributions to their Net Worth. So I guess the title of this blog should be ‘Millionaire by 50s’.

We have recently added another 10% to our mortgage payment. This pre-payment further brought down the number of months remaining in our mortgage by 16 months. I could have invested the money but my wife and I have decided that finishing the mortgage will be our priority.

I still make it a point to read personal finance blogs at least once every 2 days hoping that I would learn from other people’s experience.