It has been almost 5 months since my last post. The last post was about setting Financial targets for 2015. We are now on the fifth month of the year so a performance review on the goals I had set is necessary.

MORTGAGE – PASSWe have saved enough and will be able to put in 10% pre-payment for our mortgage. I am still trying to figure out if it would be better to pay the last pre-payment or to invest the money in higher-yielding investments. I have about 4 months to figure this out and decide.

SAVINGS – PASS – We are likely to exceed the $17,000 I had set for this year. Thanks to the bonus, promotion and banked overtimes that I have encashed in Q1. Most of these go directly to savings and celebration dinners with the family as well.

HOUSE RENOVATION – WITHIN TARGET – We still have time to plan and execute the carpet removal and installation of hardwood floors this summer. Though I do not know yet how much this will cost us, we have enough house renovation budget to cover this.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – PASS – I have already exceeded the required 60 hours PDU for the current period. I actually already have about 15 hours that I can carry-over to the next period.